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★★★★★ | 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 8,019 reviews

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Shaft length
Nigel Wooldridge (Doncaster, GB)
My best life decision yet

Took the plunge, never bought clubs without trying them, but wow, Ping i500’s at the back of the garage now. I ordered 1• upright with the graphite shaft so cost another £100, these are premium clubs, remind me of my old TP11 blades when you look down at the club head, I bought 01t. I hit the ball now slightly higher but with a clean flight 10 to 15 yards longer, and so easy to shape. As I’m over 55 now my swing speed is reducing, these regular shafts feel stiff, 65g they are so much better than expected.
Would recommend to anyone, it would be great to be back in single figures, I think these could help me get there.
My local pro, loves them too, hit a few balls and you could see the shock on his face.. he’s asked me not to tell anyone he doesn’t want to lose customers 😳

Wedge Set
Jeff Eyre (Wakefield, GB)
Improve your chipping

Always used to do chip and run now with the new wedges just getting the confidence now to chip right to the flag and I impressed myself

Larry Sanders (Greenwood, US)

Great wedge to finish out the set.

Feels great,looks great and so easy to hit nice straight shots.Brilliant purchase

01X Utility Iron
Paul cahill (Saint-Denis, FR)
Superb golf club

A real benefit carrying the 01x in your bag as a single figure golfer it allows you to hit straight shots off the tee and long approach shots with confidence.

Graphite shaft
Nigel Wooldridge (Waltham Forest, GB)
Custom set

I took a leap of faith, having never bought clubs without trying before. My best decision to date. Weight and balance are perfect and choice of graphite shaft was perfect 65g regular shaft is a little stiffer than expected but perfect. My Ping i500’s blue dot, so 1•upright have gone to the back of the garage, hitting currently 10, to 15yards longer with more consistent draw, love them, would recommend you take the plunge.

01 Iron Set
Levi Abbotts (Birmingham, GB)

Mega Club! While trying to learn how to play these have given me absolute joy with my inconsistent shots all working out to some degree with the unbelievable forgiveness this club offer! Thank you Caley.

Graphite shaft
Robert Shillito (Manahawkin, US)
Excellent Clubs

I purchased the Caley 01CB irons with graphite shafts and love them. They are lightweight, R flex shafts and are perfect for an older golfer like me. I recommend them without reservation!

01 Iron Set | Custom
Martin Hubbard (Hamilton, US)
Extremely happy

Love the look and feel. Need to add the 50*.

Fantastic top class product, long straight, and great feel. Would recommend

Wedge Set

I purchased the Caley Wedge Set and, so far, they are excellent. They are crisp and provide plenty of height for wedge shots. I’m still learning how to use them to best advantage. Highly recommended.

The The 01CB irons are beautiful! The have a very solid, but soft feel to them. I love the sound of the ball coming off the club.
I think they are priced at a bargain level when it comes to quality and strongly recommend them. I play to a 14 and think the 01CB’s are great for me!

Wow for control

My customised set of 01T irons are very good for my game. I find them very forgiving and distance control is fantastic. Only negative is that they seem/appear to scuff very easily compared to my previous set.

I would also like to order some custom wedges but the website does not appear to allow that, Hopefully someone will be able to show me how to order the wedge set of three customised to suit me. Thanks.

01 Iron Set
christopher Whittingham (Manchester, GB)
New set of clubs

haven’t played for a bit so I thought I’d buy these just to get me going but my God, what a difference my iron shots and go straight than what they were before my old clubs and I’ve just purchased the three wooden fire wouldn’t put in pitch shot

Shaft length
Paul Phillips (Liverpool, GB)

Shaft length

01X Utility Iron
Barnaby Gregory (Sudbury, GB)
Great looks, better performance

Bought this to add a bit more ranged to more irons and very pleased. Fairly stiff shaft helps control of club head for me and found myself regularly carrying 220+ yards with the iron.

Wedge Set
Customer (Isle of Arran, GB)

superb purchase. Wedges are top quality. Very easy to hit.

01 Iron Set
Terry H (Great Dunmow, GB)
01 Irons

Very happy with my purchase of the 01 Iron set. I was abit sceptical about all the hype about them but upon receiving them I now know it was the truth! Adding distances of 10-15 yards on each club and forgiveness on off centre hits are just what I need being a high handicap golfer. Well done Casey on producing a lovely set of clubs.

01T Iron Set | Custom
ALAN BATES (Kettering, GB)
Stunning irons, fraction of the cost, hole-in-one from Caley!

Having previously owned a set of Caley 01CB irons, I wanted to try graphite shafts in the 01T irons to see if they gave me a bit of extra help and boy, do they! They feel incredible, and VERY easy to swing. Iron consistency has improved notably, and already I'm seeing more consistent scores. Customer service was (as before) excellent with prompt delivery within 6 weeks for a custom order.

Lie angle
Alexander Michael Hemley (Romford, GB)

Look great. Feel great. Customised order came in 10 days. Great service. Unbelievable quality for the price. I have added 9-10 yards per iron. Buy!

Excellent value for a quality wedge.

Bought these for my son, his first full set after taking up golf last year. They are such great clubs for the price and they perform and look incredibly well. Well done Caley.

Putter 02 - Wide Blade

Awesome weight and feel could do with longer length options in future

01 Iron Set
Stephen Howland (Norwich, GB)
01 irons

Great looking clubs, really impressed, would recommend them to anyone. Great value for money.

01X Utility Iron
Mac1 (Buckie, GB)
Wind cheater

Good looks and consistently straight and long