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Product Information Update

Following a recent review of our website we discovered that there were inaccurate technical descriptions on product information pages for our 01, 01T and 01X irons. 

The webpages in question mistakenly stated that the irons contained a foam insert and tungsten weight, an error caused by a miscommunication between our club design and website teams. 

In developing the 01, 01T and 01X products, we prototyped and tested clubs with these features. We decided against including the features in the final product as we felt they did not significantly add to the club’s performance and would have added cost. 

In creating the product pages in question, our website team was mistakenly provided with information relating to the prototype irons and not the final design.

The inaccurate information was removed and updated as soon as the error was spotted. We have undertaken a review of our internal processes to ensure all website and social media text is more thoroughly reviewed and approved before being published. These measures will ensure an error like this does not happen again.

Customer feedback and many positive reviews have confirmed that the final specification of the 01, 01T and 01X irons has resulted in an excellent range of clubs.

We do, however, apologise for the inaccurate information that appeared on our website. We are also aware that this inaccurate information has reappeared on external websites and reviews, and we have informed the owners of the error

We constantly strive to provide our customers with excellent quality products at affordable prices and we value the strong relationship we enjoy with our customers.

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