About Caley

We make modern, high quality golf gear that offers premium feel and performance for a fair price.

Simple & straightforward.

Buying golf clubs has become too complicated (and expensive). We're changing that.

We realise that not everyone need or wants fully custom built clubs. We strive to offer some custom options such as shaft flex, material and (in the future) different lengths.

We are purposedly streamlining the process and not offering too many options.

Premium quality, affordable prices.

Buying new golf clubs has also got way too expensive. The big brands justify these exorbitant prices with pseudo tech claims. You know, the "with this driver you'll gain an extra 10 yards on the driver we sold you last year" non-sense. We don't play this game.

Instead we focus on making clubs from premium materials and the highest build quality. Our design ethos is based on stripping everything to back to the essentials - that way we can focus on what's important - building clubs which perform and help golfers play better and enjoy the game more.